We Got It!!!

This piece of paper is what we’ve been waiting on for so long.


After months of our lawyers and accountants, who are amazingly strong warriors for the kingdom, turning paperwork in to the government, turning in more paperwork and then turning in second and third copies of the same paperwork, we have finally been approved by the government with a business social security number for the very first Hope House in Brazil.

When this number was delivered it had a note attached to it from our accountant along with an encouraging bookmark with scripture on the back.

cnpj note

Her note says, “Congratulations and Success! May God richly bless you all!” I love how God has put the perfect people to partner with us in every aspect of this ministry.

We praise God for each of you for your faithful prayers through the months and years that it’s taken to get to this point.

We are now working with our brother Gean at our bank to open up a bank account in the name of Hope House. He’s a pretty awesome brother in Christ who is excited to help in this new ministry.


Once the account is open we will be able to transfer the money from the states, that has been raised so far, to Porto Alegre and purchase the house. Please pray for this part. Here it is not as easy as just opening and transferring the funds. While we were with Gean yesterday he began writing a lengthy defense that he will present to the bank board on why the bank would want to do this, and why it should be done quickly. Why? Because there has been so much money laundering in this country and much of it has been done in the name of Jesus and churches and ministries. Great right? Gean told us yesterday of a pastor who was in partnership with a drug dealer and was using his church to launder drug money.

If this process goes its normal course, just opening an account and transferring funds from the states can take weeks or months. Gean has asked us to pray and fast about this so that it can be opened in the next week. He’s going to fight for us and Hope House. I love his giant faith. Feel free to pray and fast with us.

God put this dream in our hearts years ago. The spiritual is finally becoming physical. We praise God for His faithfulness.

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