João Luiz……..home.

Yesterday morning we got a call that one of our favorite guys at the rehab farm, João Luiz, had just died from a massive heart attack.

We drove out there to just love on the leader and the men.

We had the chance to see João before the funeral home came to take the body. His face was so peaceful and happy. It felt like God was giving us a present of the same peace and joy that João had at that moment with Jesus. I can’t imagine how amazing that will be. I can’t wait……..and I can’t wait to see our brother again.

We’ll see you soon João.

2 thoughts on “João Luiz……..home.

  1. What a kind looking man, I’m sorry for you having to say “see you later” but there will be a day! And won’t it be great?!?

    With love, Melody



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