Sexual Purity

A couple of years ago, in a span of about six months, three different men came to me to discuss the topic of sexual purity. I did not open this topic with any of them but it was obvious that the Spirit was bringing us together to pray, study, encourage, confess and hold each other accountable in this very important area of our lives.

It was definitely a God thing because a few weeks earlier Benay and I had had a converstation with our pastor about this very topic. I know how important it is. How this specific sin can destroy lives and families and how prevelant it is among all men. But it seems to be something a bit taboo to talk about and confess as men. The enemy wants us to think we are the only ones who deal with impure thoughts or even actions. Our pastor also had this subject on his heart. He knew that purity in this area is vital to having a vibrant, growing, healthy church family because this purity blesses our homes first. When our homes are healthy the blessings then flow out to church and community.

Two weeks ago another brother approached me about sexual purity. This battle is non stop.

So last night most of these men came to our house. We enjoyed a meal and lots of good, real, deep, open confessional talk about where we are in this battle. We laughed, we encouraged, we made a game plan to defeat the enemy. It was the best thing that I’ve been part of here lately and we are a part of so many good, kingdom things here.

In my life I always look to surround myself with men who are “the real deal.” Men who aren’t afraid to share their sins and weak areas, men who aren’t afraid to cry, men who aren’t afraid to call sin sin when they see it in my life, men who aren’t afraid to stand up for Jesus.

The battle for sexual purity is real. Satan does an all out attack in this area against men. He doesn’t take a break and we can’t either. When we hide and lie and play church the enemy wins. When we confess our sins, ask for forgiveness, have a Jesus game plan and attack the enemy we win. Jesus wins. The kingdom wins and God’s family gets stronger.

Pray for these guys. Pray for me.

And pray for other men in our church and city who need to be a part of this group…..whether they know it or not.

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