Educating for Success

When we first started working with guys in drug and alcohol rehab, I, Benay, was a little bit….. scared. I had never been around “drug addicts” before. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that “drug addicts” were guys who were just like my own sons. But they hadn’t had the same advantages that my kids were blessed with. So, when we began planning the ministry of Hope House, I wanted to be able to offer to these guys exactly what I would want offered to my son, if he were in the same situation.

One important way we are offering the best we have to these guys is through our classes. The first 8 weeks of a person’s stay in Hope House will be an intensive time of training. Classes on important topics such as the life of Jesus, managing emotions, financial responsibility, family relationships, overcoming addictions, work ethics, health and wellness, and sexuality will make up that time of teaching and training. We won’t be able to cram a lifetime of “parental advice”‘ into 8 weeks, but we want to do our best to equip these guys to have success in their new life.

Because these classes are tailored to a very specific population, we are writing most of the curriculum ourselves. A lot of time has already been spent preparing classes and there is still so much to be done. Our goal is to have every class prepared and written in Portuguese so that this material can be shared with other groups who may be interested in opening their own “Hope House” using our materials. It is a big goal, but God is good at big goals.

While we are still in the waiting stages regarding the opening of Hope House, we are actively involved already in establishing a rehabilitation program at the rehab farm, Desafio Jovem. You can click here to read more about Desafio Jovem. The men in this program have a 6 month stay. During this time, classes and training for them are essential for them to understand what a new life in Christ means and how they can live in freedom. Very soon we will begin offering small group classes with these goals in mind. Because the nature of the rehab farm is different from Hope House, the teaching will be less intensive, but just as important.

I am a former teacher. My favorite thing to do in ministry is teach. Preparing and planning curriculum for the rehab center and for Hope House gives me great joy.

We ask that you pray for us as we move forward in this ministry. We need wisdom from God as we prepare this very important material.

One thought on “Educating for Success

  1. Thank you for sharing the work that is happening in preparation for the opening of Hope House. The two of you look full of joy in this work. Prayers for wisdom and guidance. Holy Spirit is with you.


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