Our Kids

We’ve got 6 kids of our own, 2 waiting for us already in heaven and about 20 more Brazilian kids. Kids that have grown up with our kids in school and at our church. We are blessed more than you can imagine.

One of our daughters is Anna. Oh how we love Anna.

She is one of Carys’ best friends. Her laugh is infectious. Her love for God and all people is amazing. She is one of the best people we know. We call her our daughter and she, even though she has incredible parents, blesses us by calling us mom and dad.

Last night she dropped by our house. She wanted to give us something for Christmas. It was 3 Christmas tree ornaments that had the special touch of Anna.

On one it said, “Christ the Savior was born.”

On another it said, “We are family.”

On the last one it had the names of all our kids on it including Anna and her sister Maria. We love Maria as much as we love Anna. They are both salt and light. Needless to say, we LOVED our gifts.

Benay and Giovanni put up our tree a couple of weeks ago because Giovanni is a very big Christmas person. They agreed to not put any ornaments on the tree until Carys got home from college because, well, Carys is also a big Christmas person. We, however, had to make an exception. Now our tree is filled with the love of these 3 ornaments.

We moved here in 2002. We had no idea we would even be here in 2020 but if you had asked us then what our lives would look like now we sure wouldn’t have guessed it would be this amazing. To have been blessed by adding 2 more kids of our own to our family. Incredible. To be loved by and to love so many Brazilian kids just blows us away.

Over the years our kids have grown up and moved away. It’s part of life. God, in His goodness, keeps putting more kids into our lives. Kids who we love and call our own. Kids who love and bless us and call us mom and dad. Kids like Anna.

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